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Mobile X-ray table material

Mobile X-ray table is an important part of the X-ray machine. The Newheek X-ray table can be divided into several types to meet your different needs. In addition, the bed surface material of our Mobile X-ray table can be customized.
Bed surface material is divided into density board, plexiglass and carbon fiber.
Among them, the use of carbon fiber composite materials to make Mobile X-ray table has many advantages such as high imaging quality, high intensity, strong fatigue resistance, light weight, etc. The material itself has good X-ray transmission, which can effectively reduce the harm of radiation to patients.
Mobile X ray table material
The bed board is made of carbon fiber with strong bearing capacity, less ray absorption and easy maintenance.The bed panel is only 7.5cm away from the film, reducing magnification and distortion and greatly improving image quality. The emergency brake button is used to lock all the movement of the bed and cut off the power to protect the safe operation of the equipment.
Black box frame can be single-handed advance and pull out, suitable for 5″ x 7″ to 14″ x 17″ all kinds of standard black box and IP board, can be flexible along the bed body longitudinal movement of a large range.The Mobile X-ray table can support 200kg.
Newheek Mobile X-ray table can meet your different procurement needs.


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