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Mobile medical x ray table

A customer inquired about the mobile medical x ray table and recommended amedical x ray table with a transparent plexiglass surface. Customers are very interested, feel beautiful and easy to clean.
In fact, the plexiglass table surface has other advantages, which is convenient for the alignment of the moving cassette and the beam field of collimator. Plexiglass has the characteristics of light transmission, stability and weather resistance. It is mainly used in windshields of aircraft and automobiles, skylights of large buildings, and medical devices.
The three mobile medical x ray table of Newheek are all transparent table surfaces made of plexiglass. We sent the product catalog to the customer, and the customer finally chose the model NK-T1. The plexiglass surface can also be made into porcelain white and blue, which is beautiful without affecting the normal use of the photographic table. Our mobile radiology table is equipped with four universal wheels, two of which have a locking function, which is convenient for fixing during photography and the patient’s up and down safety.
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