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Mobile DR With which photography flat bed is more appropriate

X-ray tables are available in many styles and vary in price. Shandong HUARui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a variety of X-ray photography flat bed, customers can choose the appropriate style according to the needs of use.
X-ray photography flat bed is divided into fixed and mobile, fixed X-ray photography flat bed can be equipped with high voltage generator, ball tube assembly X-ray machine. Mobile photography flat bed is mainly used with a variety of styles of X-ray machine. Ordinary mobile DRX – ray machine can choose our conventional mobile photography flat bed, with film box and without film box two styles. If matched with C-arm X-ray machine can choose our hydraulic lifting photography flat bed. There are also four – way floating and six – way floating photographic flat beds available, which can be used to hang DRX – ray X-ray machine or other types of X-ray machine.
If you need X-ray tables, please call us for consultation, we will recommend the appropriate style for you and quote.

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