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medical x ray table

Some customers inquired about the medical x ray table and the client saw our company’s medical x ray table through our company website. What the client wanted was a medical x ray table without a film box. Therefore, the following medical x ray table was recommended to the customer.
I sent the detailed information of this medical x ray table to the customer for reference,
The bed surface is plexiglass, with three colors of transparent, white and blue. The color surface size is 2020 mm x 800 mm x 690 mm, the thickness is ≥10mm, and the load-bearing capacity is ≥125KG. Equipped with high-strength anti-winding and silent medical wheels, two of which have wheel positioning and locking functions when working.
The medical x ray table produced by our Newheek company is not only professional but also economical.

Medical x ray table drawers for integrated photography flat bed


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