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Medical X-ray table classification introduction

Medical X-ray table includes the vertical column supporting the table, and the brake pulley arranged at the lower end of the vertical column, and the chip box drawer equipped with slide bearing is set under the table at one end of the operating table.
X-ray or c-arm fluoroscopy requires the patient to lie in bed. You only need table, not too many functional actions. Such bed is called medical x ray table, can move, can rise and fall.
Medical X ray table classification introduction
The drawer below the medical X-ray table holds the X-ray film or image recording board. Sometimes x-rays are taken while the patient is upright, like a knee X-ray. Improved efficiency.
Newheek medical x ray table is divided into various types. Its bed surface material is divided into density board, organic glass and carbon fiber, which can be customized according to the needs of customers.
And our medical X-ray table is divided into mobile type and stationary type, which are respectively controlled by foot brake or infrared induction.
Newheek medical x ray table can meet your different needs.


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