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Medical radiology table for U-arm

Do you know the radiology table? As an X-ray machine accessory, Radiology table became one of Newheek’s 2018 best-selling products. In 2018, the Newheek radiology table was sold to countries around the world. Our customers are mainly in Europe, Asia and North and South America. As an X-ray machine accessory, the radiology table can also be used to match U-arm.

Because Newheek’s U-arm itself already has bucky, it only needs to match a simple radiology table.
Let me introduce you to the Newheek radiology table:
NK-T1: No Bucky tray
(1) Table surface size: 2020mmx625mmx650mm
(2) Table surface material: plexiglass
NK-T3: No Bucky tray
(1) Table surface size: 2020mmX800mmX690mm
(2) Table surface material: plexiglass
(3) Table surface lock: foot switch
(4) Table surface movement: manual
(5) Table surface vertical travel: 450mm±20mm
(6) Table surface horizontal travel: 250mm ± 10mm
If you want to know more about Newheek’s simple radiology table, please contact our customer service.


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