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Let’s take a look at some matters of medical x ray bed.

The customer called Weifang Neway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to consult medical X-ray related matters.
Let’s take a look at some of the items on the medical X-ray table.
A floating electromagnetic brake on a medical X-ray bed facilitates patient positioning.
It can be used with X-ray generator and Buck bracket.
It can be used for vertical, horizontal and horizontal photography of human head, chest, abdomen, limbs and bones.
(1)x ray bed bed surface float foot switch: the bed surface can be moved when the foot brake micro switch is pressed;
When adjusting the position of bed surface, unlock the foot switch after unlocking;
(2)x ray bed bottom: supporting bed surface;
(3)x ray bed bed board: used for lying down;
(4) Photographic bed frame: used for placing film;
(5) Column: horizontal arm, pipe and beam limiter of supporting pipe;
(6) Beam limiter: Adjust the exposure field;
(7) Controller: the control column moves up, down, left and right;
(8) Bulb: used for X-ray emission after exposure;
(9) Bulb beam arm: used to support the bulb and beam limiter;
(10) Fixing pin: horizontal arm rail for fixing pipe;
(11) Column rotation stop: Used to control column rotation.

Medical x ray table drawers for integrated photography flat bed


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