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Japanese customers purchase a lot of X-ray equipment

According to Japan’s NHK TV station reported on the 27th, as of 18:00 on the 27th, Tokyo time, Japan had 63 people diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia that day, including 39 in Tokyo and 9 in Hokkaido. Prior to this, since the 23rd, the number of new cases of new coronary pneumonia in Japan has dropped for 4 consecutive days. Among them, the number of new cases on the 26th in Tokyo is only 72, and there are less than one hundred confirmed cases for the first time in about two weeks. This data caused the Japanese government to hesitate in formulating the next anti-epidemic policy.
Obviously, due to the previous misjudgment of the epidemic trend, the Japanese government took a more cautious attitude towards the epidemic judgment. Shinzo Abe warned in his latest statement on the 26th: It is still impossible to predict whether the epidemic has subsided. He called on people to continue to avoid going out as much as possible, and said that he will review the changes in the number of confirmed cases in various places and other factors, and carefully consider whether to postpone the lifting of the deadline. Declaration of emergency on June 6.

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