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Introduction to medical X-ray table with bucky

Medical X-ray table with bucky, intelligent micro-console, highlights human care and saves space.It can meet the requirements of the aged and the critically ill patients, and is convenient for the special films of the stretcher patients.

Bucky medical X – ray table set up authorities to place a easy operation through X-ray receiver as detectors or film box, operating personnel when install the detector or film box, need to pull the drawer out first, and then probe into the drawer or film box, and then put into the drawer with the hand hold devices, so that the detector or film can receive X-ray.

Bucky frame can be pushed and pulled out by one hand, which is suitable for 5″ 7″ to 14″ 17″ various standard black boxes and IP boards, and can be flexibly moved along the longitudinal large range of the bed body.
The X-ray receiver can be easily inserted into and removed from the receptacle of a vertical photo frame or scanning bed, omitting drawers from prior art and reducing operator steps.
X-ray table with bucky


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