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Integration with veterinary X-ray table features

Veterinary X-ray table is an important part of pet X-ray machine and can be used in pet medical institutions such as pet hospital radiation room and pet clinic to meet the requirements of pet photography for all parts of the body with different body types.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table with or without bucky or with or without bucky is divided into a wide range of types and models with fixed, mobile and four-way floating x ray tables.
Integration with veterinary X ray table features
With four-direction floating X-ray table most in demand by the market, with integrated flat bed design, floating bed surface, flexible and convenient, and with the head up and down adjustment function, convenient and quick.The bed surface material has passed SGS biocompatibility test, is scratch and claw resistant, low ray attenuation, and the bed surface is surrounded by grooves designed to prevent liquid overflow, effectively preventing damage to the equipment.
And our four-way floating X-ray table with foot brake controlling the mechanical movement of bed body can easily reduce the working pressure of staff.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table has a wide range of categories and with our veterinary x ray table, pet X-ray machines can be configured for convenient use.
Our pet bed can meet your different needs.


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