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Inquiry of radiology table from Unite state

Recently, many customers have asked us about the details of the Newheek radiology table, most of which are simple x ray photography tables, that is, there is no column. The material of x ray photography table is divided into three types, one is plexiglass, the other is MDF, and the other is carbon fiber. The best x ray photography table sold at Newheek is that the bed is made of plexiglass and comes with bucky. The following is an inquiry from a US customer:

Newheek x ray photography table:

(1) Table surface size: 2020mmx800mmx690mm
(2) Table surface material: plexiglass
(3) Bucky tray travel: 500mm±20mm
It can install bucky, bucky tray is not included. bucky tray is optional.
If you want to know more about x ray photography table, please contact our customer service.


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