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How should the film bed be installed?

What is the film bed installation program? We have arranged the installation precautions for the film bed.
The size of the film bed is large, so in order to save costs during transportation, we will first disassemble the bed and carry out packaging and transportation. After the arrival of the goods, the customer needs to install the film bed.
What issues should I pay attention to when installing the film bed?

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First of all, the film bed components include: bed body, column, controller, counterweight, baffle, tube pipe hoop, support frame and four expansion screws, please carefully check the assembly; use the safety of the film bed The company separately fixed the movable parts such as the bed board and the film box, and the user needs to remove the fixing parts first; the two baffles are randomly distributed on the bed body to prevent foreign objects from falling into the bed body during daily use; It is easy to prevent the weights from being shaken during installation and installation. We have fixed the weights. Please fix the fixing after the assembly is completed!


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