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How long does it take for Newheek’s radiology table?

The high-voltage cable connects the bulb and the high-voltage generator for transmission connection. Its length does not affect the transmission of KV. The size of the tube is important, whether it is a portable X-ray machine, a stationary X-ray machine or a mobile X.

six way floating radiology table

Optical machine, its advantages need to have different sizes of tubes to match, whether it is 125KV tube or 150KV tube, it is the performance of the tube itself, it can withstand the KV number is not affected by high voltage cable influences. Therefore, the length of the high-voltage cable does not need to be fixed to match the X-ray machine, but in order to save resources or convenience, we can recommend the appropriate high-voltage cable length according to the customer’s X-ray machine type, customers can also choose and customize according to their own needs.


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