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Functions and advantages of medical x ray table with film box

The photography x ray table has always been an indispensable equipment in the radiology department. It can not only facilitate filming and photography, but also can be used to carry patients to improve the comfort of patients. Among them, photography flat beds are divided into several categories, including mobile and fixed, with and without film cassettes, electric and manual. Among them, the film stand with film box is selling very well. Customers often come to ask about the functions and advantages of the medical film table with film box. Now I will give a simple answer.
The photography x ray table  with film box can place CR’s IP board, DR’s flat panel detector, cassette and other equipment, which is convenient for lying position photography. With the film box, the patient does not need to place a flat-panel cassette, etc. under the part to be photographed, so as not to damage the product. Its advantage is also that it can place products such as flat panel detectors, which is convenient for shooting. When there is no stand for standing photography, the patient can be placed on the bed to facilitate supine photography.
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