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Foreign customers consult the x ray table

With the development of The Times, more and more styles appear in the public view. When faced with a variety of x ray tables, how should we choose?
The bed, also known as the flat bed, can be equipped with sickle arm, mobile DR, mobile X-ray machine and portable X-ray machine. Today, a foreign customer saw the photographic flat bed on our company’s overseas social networking website and contacted us. After communication with the customer, we know that the customer is equipped with digital DR sickle arm X-ray machine. The customer wanted a photographic flat bed without a film box, and recommended the PIIIAY photographic flat bed to the customer. In addition, our photographic flat bed has mobile, fixed, they have many models.
If you also want to purchase a x ray table, do not know how to choose, please contact us, we will choose the best for you. Our telephone number is +8617616362243!


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