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Fixed X-ray machine for power frequency animal

Pet DR refers to a new technology of digital X-ray photography under computer control, that is, adopting amorphous silicon flat plate detector to convert the X-ray information through pet into digital signal, and then reconstruct the image by computer and carry out a series of image post-processing.Pet DR system mainly consists of X-ray generator, direct conversion plate detector, system controller, image monitor, image processing workstation, etc.Due to the use of digital technology, pet DR can perform various image post-processing according to clinical needs, such as image automatic processing technology, edge enhancement and clarity technology, enlarged roaming, image Mosaic, window width and window level adjustment in the area of interest, distance, area and density measurement and other rich functions.In addition, due to the wide dynamic range of DR technology, the X-ray quantum detection efficiency (DQE) is high, with a very wide exposure tolerance, even if the exposure conditions are slightly worse, it can also get a very good image.The emergence of DR broke the traditional concept of X-ray image, and realized the long-cherished transformation from analog X-ray image to digital X-ray image. DR has more advantages than CR (Computer Radiography).

Weifang huading 100mA fixed X – ray machine is specially designed for small animals, easy to operate.

(X-ray machine for power frequency animal)


1. The machine is accurate in positioning, reliable in performance and suitable for general photography.Using bridge rectifier composite X-ray generator can improve the quality of photography.

2. Imported filter plate is adopted to make the image clearer, especially suitable for photographing the back part of animals.


Main technical parameters:

1. Power supply conditions and operation mode

Power supply voltage: AC 220V±22V;

Power supply frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz;

Power capacity: ≥8KVA;

power allows maximum resistance: 1Ω

Operation mode: intermittent loading continuous operation

  1. See the table for the highest rated capacity
Tube current(mA) Tube voltage(kv) Time(s)
15 90 6.3
30 90 6.3
60 90 4.0
100 90 3.2


3. Photography conditions:

Tube voltage: 50-90kV

Tube current: 15, 30, 60, 100mA;

Time interval: 0.08s-6.3s, 19 grades in total, selected according to R10 ‘coefficient.

4. Maximum output power: (80kV 100mA 0.1s) 5.92kVA.

5. Nominal electric power: (90kV 60mA 0.1s) 4.00KVA.

6. Input power: 5.92kVA.

7. Mechanical properties: When the X-ray generator window is downward, the distance between the focus and the film is 1000mm;

The rotation Angle around the vertical axis of the X-ray generator is ±90.

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