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Examination bed classification

Examination bed is usually equipped with medical X-ray imaging equipment or used for DR radiography. The advantages of medical X-ray table are simple and convenient operation, one-foot braking and unlocking operation, side column design to ensure barrier-free movement, and transparent bed board to make it easier for doctors to take pictures. Examination bed fully met the requirements of clinical sitting, standing, lying and special position radiography, and effectively expanded the scope of clinical examination.
Examination bed classification
There are many types and models of Newheek examination bed, and our examination bed can be selected according to your needs. With or without chip box, foot brake control or infrared induction electromagnetic lock, can be selected according to the needs of customers.The lightweight and ultra-thin design is suitable for filming in different positions and can be switched quickly and conveniently.
In addition, the surface materials of our examination bed were divided into density board, plexiglass and carbon fiber.
Newheek examination bed can meet your different purchasing needs.


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