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Equipped with Siemens DR X ray bed

[Overseas Network May 12 | Full Time Zone of War Epidemic] According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on May 12, Beijing time, a total of 4,165,752 cases were diagnosed globally and a total of 285,307 deaths. . Among them, 1,345,307 cases were diagnosed in the United States and 80,239 died. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 17,587 newly confirmed cases and 744 new deaths in the United States.
In addition, as of 6:30 on the 12th, Beijing time, a total of 337,055 cases have been diagnosed and 26,682 deaths have occurred in New York State, which has the worst epidemic in the United States.

In New Jersey, another severe epidemic area, a total of 140,206 cases were diagnosed and a total of 9,340 deaths. A total of 79,007 cases were diagnosed in Illinois, with a total of 3,459 deaths.

Today, a customer inquired about the filming X ray bed bed equipped with Siemens DR. The customer said that there is a picture that needs to be sent via WeChat. Through the picture, it is recommended to determine the size of the cross arm from the ground. The bottom of our existing bed is 64CM from the ground. Under the bed is a bed with a 17 * 17 fixed flat bed. Ask for the price of  X ray bed without a film box. The quotation including the freight is * yuan. The customer has paid and requested to ship it tomorrow. The invoice has been placed ready for stock delivery.



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