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Ecuadorian customer inquired about our X-ray table with film cassette

Yesterday, a customer in Ecuador asked about our X-ray table with film cassettes. Everyone knows that we are a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines and accessories. The best-selling products are X-ray tables, bucky brackets, high-voltage cables, etc. Now we will mainly take a look at this X-ray table with film box.
The table size of this X-ray table is: length 2000*width 700*height 700mm, table height 70cm, the bottom of the cart is 53cm above the ground, and the user equipment equipped with DR flat panel detector can be extended under the X-ray table. The height of the detection board from the ground is 64CM. The material of the countertop is mainly acrylic. Of course, you can also choose carbon fiber countertops and choose different materials according to your own budget.
We also have an X-ray table without a film cassette, suitable for U-arm use, and a six-way floating table.
The Newheek X-ray table can adapt to your different purchasing needs.mobile x-ray table


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