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DR x ray table

The DR x ray table is suitable for standing, lying, lateral photography and KV photography of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the human body in hospitals at all levels, and can be used with X-ray generators, radiators, etc. .
Our x-ray table can be used for X-ray photography in large and medium-sized hospitals, as well as for scientific research and teaching in medical research institutes and medical schools.
The function of DR x ray table is the same as that of the chest radiograph frame, and it is also used in conjunction with the X-ray machine. The photographic bed is divided into one with a cassette and without a cassette. It is easy for customers to choose a photographic bed with a cassette, because if there is no cassette, The flat-panel detector can only be shot on the top of the human body, and the patient will feel very uncomfortable. In addition, the price of the flat-panel detector is relatively high. If it is accidentally dropped, the equipment will be damaged.
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X-ray table


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