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DR veterinary X-ray machine for any animal

Digital animal X – ray machine generally has the ball tube, frame, high – voltage generator, control panel and other basic components.Different kW, kV number of X – ray unit into different, specific to see what use of X – ray machine.
What kind of small animal is the veterinary x ray table photography suitable for
Digital animal X – ray machine is divided into a variety of types, is divided into fixed, mobile. And different pets for different KW pet X-ray machine.Large animals, such as horses, are photographed. You need more power.Small animals such as cats need low-power equipment.
Newheek digital animal X – ray machine has compact structure, excellent coverage performance and supports full-body multi-angle photography. Simple operation, accurate positioning and optimized workflow. The X-ray tube assembly moves up and down and along the bed, making it more convenient for camera positioning and trackless, and integrating the ground track with the bed for easier installation.
Newheek digital veterinary X-ray machine can meet your different procurement needs.


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