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Double column digital flat bed film bed

Double column digital flat bed film bed
Double column digital flat bed film bed

Newheek DR Digital X-ray Photography Flat Bed (Dual-column Flat-panel Digital Photography Machine) is Newheek’s newly developed “Super-high Performance-Cost Ratio” DR equipment, taking into account both inheritance and innovation, on the basis of inheriting the advantages of deep-drawing products, bold innovation, such as “ultra-stability, high quality image quality, powerful software post-processing”, created China. The first convenient flat box design; aluminum alloy column opening process. Digital X-ray photography system has undoubtedly become a new favorite this year, I believe in the near future, it will also become a new favorite in the flat DR market.
Highlight 1: the first portable flat box design
Innovative ultra-thin flat box structure, more attention in clinical use of flat panel detector, can be built-in grating or ionization chamber inspection auxiliary equipment, convenient for clinical examination. At the same time, the simple and elegant design gives users a wonderful experience.
Highlight 2: opening process of aluminum alloy columns
Newheek digital X-ray photography system is designed according to the international advanced processing mode. The machine bed adopts high precision numerical control machining and parts forming, with high degree of standardization, reasonable and compact structure, reliable and durable, beautiful appearance and advanced processing technology.


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