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Does Newheek’s Bucky table come with a Bucky Tray? Movable?

Use of medical X ray table

Bucky table veterinary x ray table has four-way Bucky table, simple Bucky table.

Two days ago, a customer consulted our Bucky table, asked about customer information and customer needs, we sent him the quotation, as well as our product information. After the customer finished reading, he replied that he hoped our table would have no interface for the generator. And want to know if we can install four wheels at the bottom of the table to ensure that the table can move.

After discussing with my colleagues, I decided to recommend to him a simple Bucky table with a wagon for lateral movement and four wheels for movement. The wheel also has foot brake function, which can fix the table body conveniently. In order to prevent mistakenly touching in the shooting, affecting the shooting effect.

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