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Do you know medical radiology table?

Do you know medical radiology table?
The medical radiology table consists of the following main components. a) bed body; b) column; mobile device; control box.

Medical bed characteristics
Bed surface:
1. The bed surface moves smoothly, flexibly and without jamming;
2. The bed surface movement limit device, the longitudinal movement range of the bed surface is 800mm, the lateral range is 200mm, and the deviation of the movement amount is ±5%.
Bed panel:
1. The bed panel can work normally when carrying 100kg body weight;
2. The bed panel has no shadow of the plate that hinders the diagnosis when the low tube voltage is seen through.
Braking resistance: The moving part of the photographic flat bed has a braking device with a braking resistance of N100N.
Starting tension: The starting tension of the bed surface and the tray tray is ≦50N, and the starting tension of the cassette tray is 30N.
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