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Description of medical x ray table

With the development of society, most hospitals now basically have medical x ray tables. People now use medical x ray tables for more and more examinations. Medical x ray tables are mainly used for examination of the human head, abdomen, limbs, etc. Earlier we talked about the electromagnetic floating medical x ray table, which mainly relies on stepping or releasing the foot switch for electromagnetic braking to achieve the movement of the medical x ray table panel. Let’s take a look at his circuit description.
(1) Power supply: When the power switch is pressed, the indicator light is on, and the medical x ray table is powered on;
(2) Movement in the support arm: when the support arm of the switch under the control panel is pressed, it can move up and down freely.
(3) Rotation of the arm: Press the control panel to rotate the switch arm, and the tube can rotate freely.
(4) Horizontal movement of the column: When the switch is pressed and moves vertically around the controller, the column can be moved left and right.
(5) Floating on the table surface: when the micro switch presses the foot brake, the left and right floating tables can be released afterwards.


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