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Customers looking for new suppliers of veterinary X-ray table

Recently, many clients have consulted our veterinary X-ray table . veterinary X-ray table X-ray table is the main component of X-ray machine. The principle of pet X-ray machine is the same as that of human X-ray machine. X-rays are ionizing radiation. However, animals are not as obedient as humans and may tremble when shooting. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the restraint band or use very short exposure time for shooting. The role of veterinary X-ray table X-ray examination table is also crucial.
Pet X-ray machine is easy to operate, safe and convenient to use. Short time fast imaging, higher efficiency, no need to develop film, direct computer imaging. With the use of animal X-ray examination table, the bed surface can float forward, backward, left and right by electromagnetic brake, so as to make positioning more convenient and accurate.

What are the characteristics of Newheek's pet veterinary x ray table


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