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Customer consultation Medical X-ray table used in hospital

(Four – way floating X-ray table)

Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer. The customer wanted to buy an X-ray table for inspection. First, we sent the product information to the customer, and the customer selected a lifting equipment. Our medical X-ray examination table can be raised and lowered, and the bed surface can float in four directions to realize clinical photography without dead angle. Large 14 “x17”, 17 “x17” wired mobile flat panel detector; high power and high performance high frequency and high voltage generator. It can realize bedside Dr photography.

(Four – way floating X-ray table)

The upper layer is a longitudinal bed, which reduces the occupied space, is easy to install and has a beautiful appearance. The lower layer is a transverse moving bed frame. The movement of horizontal and vertical bed frame is supported by rolling bearing, which makes the movement light and stable.

What are the types of medical x ray table that Newheek has


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