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Characteristics of Newheek Vet bed.

How to choose a vet table

Newheek’s veterinary x ray table include simple vet beds, no Bucky vet beds, simple photographic flat beds, and four-way vet beds.

We produce a variety of vet beds, in order to meet the different needs of customers, so that customers can carry out a variety of styles of comparison, to find more suitable vet beds for their needs.

Veterinary X ray table overview

Newheek’s simple vet bed with Bucky can hold cassettes, CR IP boards, and DR flat panel detectors. At the same time, the size of Bucky can also be modified according to the size of the detector used by customers. It can hold 14 “X17” and 17 “X17” detectors.

The bed surface can not be moved, but Bucky can move according to the unknown difference of the film, which can better locate and image.

Veterinary equipment veterinary X ray table

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