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C-arm special bed

Today, a customer from a Harbin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. came to inquire about the C-arm special bed. The customer said that the hospital bought a C-arm from their company, and now he wants to buy a C-arm special bed to send to the hospital. They have requirements for the width of the bed. Because the bed surface of the general filming bed is relatively wide, the bed surface of the CC-type arm special bed is relatively narrower. I sent the picture and product information of our C-arm special bed to the customer. After reading it, the customer was more interested and asked about the price of the product. Because this C-arm special bed can be raised and lowered, the price is higher than that of the general filming bed. After quoted the price to the customer, the customer said that he had to negotiate with the hospital before making a decision.
The pictures of the C-arm special bed are as follows:

 C-arm special bed


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