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Bucky mobile packaging problem

Bucky mobile is a very popular medical x ray table for Newheek.

This Bucky mobile is very convenient to operate. The Bucky mobile material is now mainly plexiglass, because the choice of plexiglass can make operators more clearly see the location of Bucky Tray and shooting location, and whether X-ray is on the same line, can be more accurate positioning.

At the same time, the Bucky mobile not only has Bucky Tray, but also has four wheels, which can be moved according to the needs of operators. For mobile inconvenience patients, or large pets are a good choice for photography.

Many customers are worried that the PMMA belongs to fragile products, and there will be some damage during transportation. Although we can’t guarantee 100% that the glass will not be damaged, we are very strict in the selection of packaging materials and packaging process.

With bucky type medical X ray table

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