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Australian inquiry:veterinary digital radiography system table

Newheek veterinary digital radiography systems table movement is mainly controlled by the foot switch.
A veterinary digital radiography system table inquiry from Australia
We received a letter from the Australia, mainly consulting our veterinary digital radiography system table.
Customers want all information about the veterinary digital radiography system table, then we sent to the customer the product information, and asked the relevant customer information to customers, including company information, mobile phone number, email etc..
After the customer has no reply, reply message: today the customer suddenly asked if we had any partner of the United States, he wanted to sell our products in Australia.
We then reply to the customer said: veterinary digital radiography systems is one of our new products, we have a lot of American customers purchase our other X machine products. Although recently there are many Australian customers to consult our veterinary digital radiography systems table, but also not designated agents
If you are interested in the same veterinary digital radiography system table, please contact us at any time.


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