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Australian customer consulted on veterinary photography flat bed

The Australian customer learned through the international station that our company produces and sells veterinary photography flat beds, so they consulted via email. The customer is a private pet clinic and has just purchased a mobile veterinary X-ray machine and wants to equip a veterinary X-ray machine. The photographic flat bed is convenient for small animals to diagnose on the veterinary photographic flat bed. The photographic flat bed is required to be movable and the bed board is transparent.
According to the request sent by the customer in the email, I recommended the four-way floating veterinary photography flat bed for the customer. This photography flat bed can float up and down, left and right, according to the activity habits of the small animals, to avoid the veterinarian from being unable to control the small animals for diagnosis And the bed surface can choose transparent plexiglass, which is more convenient and clear to operate. The information and quotation of this veterinary photography flat bed were sent to the customer. After understanding, the customer was very satisfied and ordered one.

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