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Australia has placed a large order for animal X-ray machines

When natural disasters strike, humans can escape in a variety of ways.What about animals?Most of the time, there is only one word waiting for them: death!More than 20,000 koalas were burned to death.The entire population faces functional extinction.

Herds of kangaroos and sheep, on the other hand, flee their habitats.Some escaped and were rescued.

Some were scorched by the mountain fire, before dying are survival posture.Their bodies lined the road.Order, silence, silence…You think that’s enough?If the loss is not stopped in time, mankind will eventually suffer on the way to save itself.The homeless had to abandon the city.It was like the end of the world.They saw the fire coming. The house might have been their life savings.Canberra and Melbourne have been transformed from livable cities into foggy capitals.Pm2.5 extraordinary, visibility is almost zero.

Australian customers order a large number of animal X-ray machines, animal medical beds, bucky stand and other equipment.Diagnosis and treatment of injured animals.


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