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Application of medical X-ray table

medical x ray table is the upper tube type cassette remote diagnostic table. It is combination with X-ray tube assembly, high voltage transformer assembly, collimator and image intensifier TV system ect to assemble remote x-ray diagnostic machine, which is mainly applicable to stomach and intestine radiography,fluoroscopy check etc.
medical x ray table consists of lathe table, spot film device, near table operating plate,
remote controller etc. With footplate, compressor, handrail and so on.
Application of medical X ray table
Pedestal is the bedplate of medical x ray table, with the electromotor on its right side, which rotates by
the drive of hemicycle shaped gear after changing speed. The bed can be operated by
telecontrolled at distance or be directly operated near the bed; the motor control the up-down
movement, horizontal movement of lathe bed and vertical movement of spot film, which is
convenient for diagnosing patients.
The medical x ray table panel attenuation equivalent not more than 1mmAl (purity over 99.9%).
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