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An regular customer in the United States repurchased our radiography table

A dealer in the United States is a regular customer of our company, and has repurchased the double-column radiography table many times for sale to local hospitals and clinics. The customer’s repurchase is a high recognition of our products and services. Because of the previous cooperation experience, this cooperation is also very smooth and efficient. In the afternoon of signing the contract, the customer paid 50% of the advance payment. Because there is a spot in stock, after our engineers have finished debugging the equipment, we will inform the customer to book the space. After the customer sends the notification of the goods, we will start packing and deliver the goods after receiving the balance payment from the other party, and send the waybill, packaging and delivery to the customer. photo.
The customer consulted our company about the customs declaration of the radiography table when purchasing for the first time. Our company guided and followed up until it passed the customs smoothly. Now the customer is familiar with the customs declaration business and does not need our guidance. This is also the reason why our cooperation is smooth and efficient. one.
Feedback from customers This double-column radiography table is very popular abroad. Customers will assemble the X-ray machine by themselves and then sell it with a table, which has a competitive advantage in the local market. Because this double-column radiography table is suitable for filming and testing different parts of patients in supine and upright positions, the table top is electromagnetically locked and floats in four directions, the double-column linkage design, the bucky and the tube are automatically tracked and positioned, and the operation is very convenient.
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