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American customers inquire about Huarui Image Pet Bed

The customer is a pet clinic in the United States. It is used by himself. Ask about the four-way floating bed with the hanging head. This product can be used with veterinary X-ray generators and is suitable for pet hospitals at all levels. It can realize radiography of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of pets when they are standing, lying down and lying on their side. The product can be used in large and medium veterinary hospitals or X-ray irradiation clinics, as well as in medical research institutes and medical schools for scientific research and teaching. The equipment is equipped with a film carriage, which can place CR, DR and IP boards of different sizes; the bed surface can be floated in four directions and can be electromagnetically locked, which is very suitable for pet clinics. Customers ask questions such as sea freight, arrival time, packaging, etc. Send product catalog pictures and packaging videos to customers.
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