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Advantages and disadvantages of veterinary x ray tables

The veterinary x ray table is specially used for the diagnosis of small animals. With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the health of small animals, especially pet dogs and cats. Let us take a look at the animals. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using veterinary x ray tables? First look at the advantages:
1. Stable radiation output
The high-slope, low-ripple output voltage realizes high-power, high-kV, and short-time photography, which can effectively reduce the imaging blur caused by the peristalsis of internal organs and greatly improve the imaging quality.
2. High quality X-ray
The DC component is high, the imaging time is short; the exposure accuracy is high, the imaging repeatability is good, and clear clinical images and rich diagnostic information can be obtained with the smallest dose.
3. Effectively reduce radiation damage
Significantly reduce the stray scattered rays and reduce the radiation intensity of the examinee and the operator
4. Realize computer control
High degree of automation, extended automatic control function, more convenient operation, strong system expansion and upgrade ability.
As for the disadvantages of veterinary x ray tables, I have not summarized them yet. Welcome to give an answer after purchasing our products and trying them out.
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