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About Newheek Customized Radiology table

2018.11.27 Russian customer Mr. L asked us about the Radiology table.
Introduction of medical X ray table
The following are customer requirements:
1. Dimensions of the- 2450 x 900 mm.

2. Table carrying capacity – 250 kg.

3. The table is equipped with four swivel wheels.

4. The material of the tabletop is X-ray transparent, uniform, without foreign inclusions.

5. The width of the border on the surface of the table – no more than 20 mm on each side.

6. The table must be equipped with an autonomous lifting mechanism.

7. Lower working position – height 800 mm, upper working position – 900 mm.

8. The capacity of the batteries should be enough for 300 cycles of lifting and lowering.

9. Must be a connector (port) for connecting the charging cable.

10. The minimum distance between the inner surfaces of the lifting columns is 2350 mm.

11. The height of the box for placing batteries is not higher than 310 mm.

12. The color of the table frame is gray, the table top is white.

Mobile medical x ray table
The following is about radiology table  customer’s second reply:

Dear Alina

Thank you for your answer.

You are right – we need customized Radiology tables.


I think you have a big experience in Table production and you can produce two pieces of customized Radiology tables for us in a best quality and acceptable price according to our requirements, mentioned below and attached drawings.

The best material of table top is X-ray transparent carbon fiber with appropriate thickness with carrying capacity – 250 kg.

Best regards,

If you also need to customize the Radiology table, please contact our customer service. We will give you the proper service.


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