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A Shanghai customer consults our x ray bed

Recently, a customer consulted our mobile x ray bed. There are several types of our mobile x ray bed, now let’s briefly introduce:
The first one is universal and the simplest, without cassette, suitable for sickle arms and various general occasions. The height of this filming bed is about 70cm, and the size of the bed surface is 200cm×70cm. The optional bed panel materials are density board, acrylic board, plexiglass and carbon fiber. Acrylic plates are available in blue and white.
The second type comes with a cassette. This bed has the same size as the previous one. It is also 200cm×70cm and 70cm in height. Optional bed materials include density board, acrylic board and carbon fiber. The film box travel is 50cm±2cm.
The third type is a six-way floating bed, which can move up, down, left, and front and back in six directions. The bed surface of this bed is adjustable, the lifting stroke is 20cm, the lowest position of the bed surface is 705±10mm, and the highest position of the bed surface It is 905mm±10mm, the longitudinal stroke is 450mm±20mm, and the horizontal stroke is 250mm±10mm. The bed surface size is the same as the above two models, both are 200cm×70cm. There are still several materials for the bed panel, including: density board, Acrylic board, plexiglass and carbon fiber. This bed has a motor under the bed and a triple foot brake, which can control the up and down, front and back, left and right of the bed to float. It is a very high-grade medical bed.
The customer bought the sickle arm by himself. If I want to get a film bed, I recommend our first model to the customer, because all aspects are more in line. If you don’t bring a film car, the price is cheaper. If you need a larger quantity, we can also customize it, you are welcome to call us!

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