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A customer inquired about X-ray table with tray

When a customer saw the X-ray table advertised by our company on our Newheek sales platform, he called and consulted. The customer said that the hospital needs to use the bedside machine.
The client said that he did not know much about the radiology equipment, and sent a photo of the X-ray table that the hospital needs, saying that the hospital requires an X-ray table with a tray underneath that has a transparent bed surface. We recommend the NKPIIIA2 X-ray table with cassette for our customers, and send the photos to the customers as follows. The client asked if there was any video of the operation and wanted to know more about it and introduce it to the hospital. We explained to our customers that we are a manufacturer and this X-ray table is available in stock and can take videos for customers. Then sent our company’s certificate, filming bed registration certificate and product information to the customer. The customer said that he would reply to us after confirming with the hospital.

With bucky type medical X ray table


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