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A customer in Jinan consult our medical x ray table

Recently, the younger sister who came to our company received a list from a customer in Jinan and consulted our medical x ray table. Because the younger sister was just here, the business is not very skilled. For our medical x ray table model specifications It’s not clear yet. In order to meet the customer’s request, the younger sister learned about the medical x ray table in the workshop all day.
Let’s take a look at their conversation.
Newheek: Hello, what kind of equipment are you using ? Is it a C-arm or a film machine or a double column?
Customer: We mainly use the C-arm.
Newheek: What is the distance between the receiving end of your C-arm and the ground? Let me see if the distance between the bed surface and the ground is not appropriate.
Customer: The distance to the ground requires about 69CM.
Newheek: There is no problem with the distance between the beds. I will send you the information. If you see what is unclear, I will verify it.
Customer: OK, I will report to the leader and purchase after confirmation.

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