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A bed that can shoot DR

When it comes to the medical x ray table, I believe most people know that it is specially used for filming of patients. What is the difference between a bed that can be used for DR and an ordinary bed? Customers can choose the filming bed according to different needs. . The simple mobile film bed has no film box, and there is no up and down movement of the column. It is a very simple medical film bed, and the length can be customized. The film bed with film cassette, with film cassette, can be installed with wire grid, IP board, flat panel detector, etc. This film bed is cost-effective and is the first choice of most customers.
There is also an electric lift film bed that can move in six directions, which is relatively expensive. Commonly used film bed panel materials include density board, plexiglass board, carbon fiber board, what we usually call transparent bed panel is plexiglass board, also called acrylic board. Acrylic sheets are the most common on the market today. I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the classification of film beds. If you need x ray table, please call and contact, telephone (whatsapp): +8617616362243, to provide you with the most detailed introduction.

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