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Outstanding achievements in the medical industry

The New Crown epidemic is spreading globally. The United States is accused of responding inappropriately. China is actively carrying out international assistance and external publicity to shape the image of a responsible country leading the global fight against epidemics. Comments pointed out that behind China’s propaganda offensive is strength growth.

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic in China caused pessimistic comments in the outside world: “China’s Chernobyl” and the “start of the end” of the CCP. However, after China initially curbed the spread of the virus, the virus spread throughout the world, and the number of infections and deaths in many countries exceeded that of China.

While China’s epidemic figures and epidemic prevention truths are questioned by the United States and other countries, China is actively exporting medical supplies and assistance, and at the same time, it has shaped the image of a responsible country leading the world’s anti-epidemic through diplomatic and publicity channels. The confrontation of international public opinion triggered by the epidemic once again continued the discussions over the years regarding China’s rise and rising international influence.
China has also greatly improved its medical devices, and many x ray beds have attracted more customers’ attention.

The structure and type of medical x ray table radiology


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